Sep 232011

When I launched I promised conversation, commiseration, and perhaps a cocktail or two. Well, the weekend is here. Can cocktails be far behind?

Many of my girlfriends love Cosmopolitans, but none of them love them more than Bettina. She swears by this recipe; it’s from Gourmet Magazine. It makes one drink.

1/4 cup of vodka (Absolut is my favorite. Bettina loves Grey Goose.)

1/2 tbs. of Triple Sec

1/2 tbs. of Rose’s lime juice

1/2 tbs. cranberry juice cocktail

Fill a cocktail shaker hallway with ice. Combine all ingredients and shake well. Strain into a martini glass (next to the booze, nothing is more important to a great cocktail than the glass). Garnish with a lime twist and dried cranberries.  Cheers!







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