Nov 182011

It’s Friday, and it’s not too soon to be thinking about cocktails. The Gimlet is said to be originated in the late nineteenth century in the British Navy. Lauchin Rose, owner of a shipyard in Scotland, created a process for preserving lime juice during long voyages and labeled his product “Rose’s Lime Cordial.” The naval officers began to mix their lime cordial with gin to make Gimlets.

Combine two ounces of gin (or substitute with vodka) with 2/3 ounces of Rose’s Lime Juice in a shaker. Shake¬† with ice and pour into a chilled glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.


(A special shout-out to Brian D. Murphy, author of See, Mix, Drink: A Refreshingly Simple Guide to Crafting the World’s Most Popular Cocktails for the history and recipe.)


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