Dec 232011

It’s Christmas weekend, and it’s time for cocktails. Forget eggnog; it’s so eighties. It’s time for something a little more hip…milk punch. Milk punch is the new millennium’s answer to eggnog.

My dear friend Bettina used to make milk punch every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here’s her recipe.

One cup sugar

One cup dark rum

A half of cup of brandy

Two tablespoons vanilla extract

A half gallon whole milk

Grated nutmeg (optional; I’m not much a fan)

Dissolve sugar in rum, brandy, and vanilla extract in a large, heavy pitcher. Add milk; freeze until very cold or even slushy, about four to eight hours. (Can be frozen for a month.) Pour into glasses, grate nutmeg over each glass, if desired, and serve.

Happy Ho Ho!


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