Jul 232012

Besides being one of my best friends, Roy Otwell is the founder and co-proprietor of the ultra-hip home store Switch Modern (switchmodern.com). He’s a dedicated student of popular culture, cool trends, and good style. Roy says “Fashion is about trends but style involves authenticity and a point of view.” Here’s what Roy been observing on the streets of New York this month.

“Madras! Plaid! Gingham! As men’s fashion becomes bolder and brighter over the last year, it’s no wonder that madras, plaid, and gingham are increasingly visible. Even Gap’s windows are extolling the virtues of madras. A madras shirt paired with your favorite shorts, worn leather shoes, just the right hat, and of course the obligatory Ray Bans seems to be the outfit for tooling around town. Perhaps this trend forebodes a very hot summer.”


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