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More Early Praise

“Randy Siegel is so right: everyone needs a gay best friend, and I can’t think of a better one than Randy, especially when you’re going through something as difficult as a breakup. In Break Up, Wake Up, Move On, Randy offers readers a delicious cocktail of compassion blended with inspiration and practical “how to” advice. Most importantly, he shows us how to transform one of life’s more crummy moments into gold.”

Cheri Britton

“Randy sent me his book after I told him that my relationship had ended the week before. That Saturday morning I curled up with the book and didn’t get up until I’d finished it. I saw myself on every page, in every chapter, and in every emotion. There was no part that I couldn’t relate to. Randy opened his soul so that readers can look inside him and what he experienced, and recognize themselves. I was grateful to have this book when I needed it most,
and now that several weeks have passed, I think I need to read it again!”

Susan Koscis

“It’s a cliché, but it’s so very true—“breaking up is hard to do.” And, worse, it can
be devastating to get over. In a memoir-like style Randy Siegel reminds us that we
always have options. To wallow in misery, self-loathing, doubt, fear, blame, self-pity,
or loneliness after the dissolution of a relationship is clearly an option, but we have
other choices. Randy invites us into his heart and head as he learns to be present with
his feelings and to grasp the realities of the emotionally charged weeks and months
following a breakup. As a reader you’ll find yourself more than an observer. Randy offers
opportunities to name your own feelings and realities in the process of becoming your
best self.”

Lester Laminack

“Randy Siegel nails it again. In this epiphany-filled work, Siegel shares his own story
while offering practical how-to advice to help readers mend, grow—even thrive—during
one of life’s more painful passages, the breakup of a relationship. Randy Siegel is indeed
everyone’s gay best friend.”

Elizabeth Bridgers

“When breakups happen, our task is to learn and grow through the pain and fear and to
awaken to our own truth. (In this book) Randy Siegel charts a course through his own
breakup with candor and grace and shines a light for others to see the way through their
own dark times. This book is packed with insights and tools to help you find your way
back to your inherent divinity. Even if you think you’re over your ex, this book can help
you learn what your relationship patterns have been so you awaken into loving yourself
more fully. The awakened Self is the Divine You that calls out to be a full participant in
your next relationship.”

The Reverend DiAnna Ritola

“Ladies, Randy Siegel is the guy we’ve wished for since the days of Will and Grace, the
fabulous gay best friend. He’s that guy who gets us, who loves us enough to tell the truth,
and actually wants to hear our stories. Randy gives us a unique masculine perspective,
and he’s not afraid to share in our breakup sorrow and frustrated nights with Ben and

Kathy Godfrey

“Few authors get our need for connection like Randy Siegel. He’s a masterful storyteller,
boldly sharing his own experiences to teach us to build better lives. Navigating a
relationship split with Randy’s concept of conscious parting is brilliant. Whether it’s a
romantic split, moving away from a ‘frenemy,’ or setting boundaries with a toxic family
member, this book needs to be in your toolbox!”

Elizabeth Vaeth

“Randy’s willingness to explore his long-held faulty belief that he was unworthy of love
will inspire readers to begin their own inner exploration of Self. The author empowers
readers by wisely reminding them that true healing first begins with Self, and that as
we heal within we will attract relationships that reflect the unconditional love we offer

David B. Robertson, MRHT

“When a relationship ends and it’s time to move on, there’s a way to move forward in
a conscious, loving way; Randy Siegel’s book will help you learn how to do this. I’ve
known Randy for years and I’ve sought his advice on many occasions because he is,
simultaneously, supremely practical while being spiritually wise. It is this blending of
spiritual wisdom and practical step-by-step procedures that makes Randy’s message in
this book so wonderful.”

Tom Heck

““Breakups hurt, but a friend who understands and can dole out good advice always
helps. With this book, Randy Siegel is every girl’s gay best friend. He understands the
pain and gives solid advice that works.”

Melissa Libby

This is Randy Siegel’s best book yet! I will read it over and over to remember the power
of authenticity and presence. Thank you, Randy, for sharing your break-up and wake-
up experience in an honest and humorous way that will help us move from awareness to
awakening in all areas of our lives.”

Adair Cates

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