Point of View


We become the full expression of all we are when we acknowledge and accept our
duality, including our darkness and light. Many of life’s richest moments are also found
in the tension between opposites. When we laugh at a funeral, cry during sex, discover
clarity during confusion, and find peace in one of life’s more chaotic moments, we meet
the Divine.

By holding the tension between the masculine and feminine, Everybody’s Gay Best
Friend has worked to offer a unique perspective that most won’t get from their straight
friends. Combining philosophy with practical how-to advice, he addressed a plethora of
issues concerning both work and play by offering counsel, commiseration, and perhaps a
cocktail or two.

The Everybody’s Gay Best Friend icon—an elegant, almost dandified man who delivered
a spiritual message along with the latest fashion tips—is a paradox as well. That said, I
believe we are our happiest and most fulfilled when we can navigate the material world
while being in relationship with the nonmaterial one. Without a strong relationship to
self, others, and our higher power or purpose, even a great lifestyle feels pretty empty. It
takes more than a great lifestyle to live the good life.

While Everybody’s Gay Best Friend is on sabbatical, please take time to explore this
website. On it, you’ll find lots of great information and goodies.

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