Nov 112011

One of the many things I love about Asheville is its love for anything “woo-woo.” We’ll find most any excuse to perform a ritual.

Several weeks ago, I received an invitation to celebrate 11.11.11. Curious to know what 11.11.11 was all about, I did some Internet research. Everybody seemed to have a different interpretation. Then this week, I received a eNewsletter from my friend Joseph Dispenza at Lifepath Retreats. In it, he wrote a beautiful mediation about this important point in time. It appears below.

“The Cosmos does not count years or days, but we humans do. And so the repetitious date of Friday, November 11, 2011 at 11 AM, at 11 seconds past the hour — — would seem to have some significance, if not on a cosmic scale, then for us, both collectively and personally.

Numerologists tell us that the number “1” carries the energy of starting. As the first number of all numbers, it signifies breakthroughs and new beginnings, without which none of the other numbers would be able to follow and express themselves. Nothing (literally zero) comes before “1”; everything comes after it.

“1” is the number of the moment of conception, whether of a child or a brainchild. It is the number of beginning a new project, of a seed sprouting, of starting out on a journey, of initiating an action, of declaring independence from the crowd. It is the number of the creation of the world, of the Big Bang.

On this auspicious day, at this auspicious hour, you might want to spend some time reflecting on how your would like your life to be new and different — and imagine yourself taking the step into that new you. Think of this moment as ten exclamation-marks, not at the end of a sentence, but at the beginning.

There has never been a better time to start “doing” you in an entirely new way.”