May 282012

Cheri Britton is one of my bestest friends, and she’s also one of the most talented and funny motivational speakers, authors, and coaches I know. Cheri inspires people and organizations to break out of the old mindsets that hold them back by showing them how to lower the bar to raise their game, find the funny in the frustrating, and kick their  “big ol’ butts” to the curb.  Here’s what is on Cheri’s mind this month:

“Who and what is making you crazy?  Is your co-worker not pulling their weight? Is your partner’s mess making you want to bolt for the door? Does your friend’s whining have you reaching for some wine of your own? Well guess what? If you can spot it, then you got it. Chances are you are doing some of the same behaviors that are driving you bat-shit nutty? So, find some compassion and start working on yourself.”

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