Feb 262012

I’ve ask several buddies to share tips, trends, and random thoughts on a wide range of topics ranging from New York street fashion to fine food and wine.

Meet my dear friend Cheri Britton; she’s one of the most talented and funny motivational speakers, authors, and coaches I know. Cheri inspires people and organizations to break out of the old mindsets that hold them back by showing them how to lower the bar to raise their game, find the funny in the frustrating, and kick their “big ol’ butts” to the curb. Find out more about Cheri. Here’s Cheri’s thought for this month:

What is it about Betty White that charms us all?  She’s lived ninety glorious years in the spotlight when other iconic stars like Whitney have burned out too early? Here’s my best guess: she has employed what I call the 3 H’s of success…Humor, Humility and Hubba Hubba. You kick “but” Betty!