Apr 202012

Oh happy day! My goddaughter Katie had a baby about a month ago.  She, her husband, their families, and I are besides ourselves. He is their first.

To celebrate, I searched for a drink called the “Goddaughter;” there wasn’t one. But I did find a “Godchild,” “Godmother,” and “Godfather.”

Perhaps this weekend, I’ll celebrate the birth of my new great godson (is there such a thing?) with a Godchild.

Why don’t you join me? You’ll need:

One ounce of amaretto

One ounce of vodka for a Godmother, or one ounce of whiskey for a Godfather, or one ounce of Cognac for a Godchild

Pour vodka, whiskey, or Cognac and Amaretto in a rocks glass with ice and stir well.