Feb 102012

This Friday, I’m teaching at the University of Georgia’s MBA program; I do this twice a year. I graduated from the University of Georgia, and each year I tell my students, “Ain’t no way I could have gotten into the MBA program, and now I’m teaching here. It just goes to show you that emotional intelligence counts for something in this world.”

Being back on a college campus brings back memories of bourbon. We drank bourbon and Coke at the footballs games and bourbon and ginger ale at the fraternity parties afterwards. Little did I know then that “bourbon and ginger” as we called it, had a name, a “highball.”

This drink is so easy to make that a toddler could do it. Take two ounces of whiskey and mix it with three ounces of ginger ale (of course, in college we did the opposite: three ounces of whiskey to two ounces of ginger ale).  Pour into a tall glass with ice.

Want something a little more sophisticated? Try a “Big Ginger.” A Big Ginger is a highball made with Irish whiskey and fresh-squeezed lemon and lime.