Jul 102012

Jane Falter and I met each other over a cup of coffee about a year ago, and we’ve been good friends since. A plethora of initials follow her name, including ACRW, SPHR, and CPC.

Jane is a career coach and certified résumé writer who is passionate about helping individuals identify and achieve what’s next. Here’s what’s on Jane’s  mind this month.

“Are you in a job search? If so, could negative thinking be holding you back?

I’m surprised at the number of clients who tend to focus on what they don’t have, rather than what they do. For example, many worry about age. One client was over sixty; I understood why she’s concerned about finding work. But when another expressed her concerns because she was forty, it became obvious that many obstacles are in our heads.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, give more thought on how your perceived negative could be a positive—to the right employer.”

Visit Jane at http://www.JaneFalter.com.