Jan 092012

Many mornings, I ask for direction for the day and draw a tarot card. This morning, I draw “Patience.” My first thought is, “Damn!” Patience is not one of my virtues. Still, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect card.

I am frustrated; it is the second week of January, and I still feel stuck. 2012 was supposed to be a better year.

The card reminds me this is a time that “all that is required is to be simply alert, patient, and waiting.” On it, a pregnant woman patiently waits while the phases of the moon pass overhead.

Osho writes that we have forgotten how to wait. Yet, “the whole of existence waits for the right moment.” Nature knows when to let go of the leaves and when to grow new foliage. Osho continues, “In silence and waiting something inside of you goes on growing—your authentic being.”

I take a deep breath to allow this message to sink in. Once again, I am reminded of the Divine Order of life.