Mar 302012

My first job after college was with the Burroughs Corporation selling adding machines and computers. At an annual salary of fifteen thousand plus commissions, I thought I was hot stuff.  There was only one problem: I didn’t have a clue how those adding machines worked, much less the computers.

After a long day of cold calling, my fellow salespeople and I would meet for happy hour. Jim, who was a much better salesman than me (he could at least work the adding machines), always ordered a Rusty Nail.

The Rusty Nail combines Scotch with the honey and herbal hints of Drambuie, and it’s simple to make. Pour two ounces scotch whiskey and a half ounce of Drambuie into a rocks glass with ice. Stir well and garnish with a lemon twist.


Footnote: I lasted less than nine months before landing a job in advertising. Still, I learned several valuable lessons at Burroughs:

One: I love sales.

Two: I have to sell something I’m passionate about (and understand).

Three: It’s not a good idea to go to happy hour every night.