Apr 282012

Besides being one of my best friends, Roy Otwell is the founder and co-proprietor of the ultra-hip home store Switch Modern (switchmodern.com). He’s a dedicated student of popular culture, cool trends, and good style. Roy says “Fashion is about trends but style involves authenticity and a point of view.” Here’s what’s on Roy’s mind this month:

“As Spring fully arrives one expects to see more and more color in men’s fashion. This year is no exception, but the color seems to be bolder and brighter—even outrageous. Perhaps this is a statement about the reality of—or the desire for—economic recovery. On the streets here in New York, I’m seeing bright pants in primary oranges, yellows, reds, greens and blues. The silhouette is still skinny (sans pleats), and socks are still optional. The only question left is whether to roll up the hem.”